Tim Peterson Singers - Links
Preview of our upcoming CD:

1. "All For Love"
2. "Give God Praise"
3. "The Cross"
4. "Trouble Won't Last"

"Never Stop Praising the Lord" Album:

1. "Never Stop Praising the Lord"
2. "How I Love the Name of Jesus"
3. "I Owe It All"
4. "Consecrate My Soul"
5. "I'm Waiting"

6. "Praise Him"
7. "I Won't Give Up"
8. "Ready To Serve Jesus"
9. "A Servant"
10. "A Servant (In Meditation)"

Check out our myspace page at: www.myspace.com/timpetersonsingers
To download the MP3 Player and listen to the sample tracks:
     A. Select a link below.
           Download the MP3 Player by Windows Media Player
          Download the MP3 Player by QuickTime Player
     B. When the page loads, look for the "Download Now" button.
     C. Click the "Download Now" button and wait for download to finish.

Only download one of these players if you can not hear the tracks on your computer.